Thistle Dew Alpaca Farm
  1. Farm Visits
    We do not have any established farm visit times, but folks are welcome to stop by and visit with the Alpacas when they drive by and take pictures if they like. If we are out in the barn or pasture area we are happy to talk with you and explain what we do with the fleece and how it is processed and how easy it is to raise these gentle animals.
  2. Feeding the Alpacas
    We feed the Alpacas quality Orchard grass with a supplement of a specific Alpaca/Llama pellet. They also get shredded carrots and chopped apples as a treat. We ask that folks do not feed them as their diet is specific and anything other than their specific food could cause health problems for them. If we are out in the barn, we do give visitors the option to give them some grain if they would like to experience how gentle these animals are when taking food from your hand.
  3. The Farm in the Spring
    The Alpacas are sheared in early Spring. This is because their fleece has become so thick during the winter that they would be greatly affected by the the warming sun and the heat of Summer. Many people come to watch this work. The Alpacas are not hurt during the shearing and at this time they have their toe nails trimmed and their teeth floated. We also look for anything that could be of concern for their health.